Difficulty of Photographing Lacquered Works

Think about it for a minute. The difficulty of photographing a black, glossy, 3-dimensional object without including your own reflection. It is not just yourself, and jet black reflects the fluorescent light on the ceiling as well as everything else in the room. If we want to film the lacquered work perfectly, it is necessary … Continue reading Difficulty of Photographing Lacquered Works

True Value of Asai Lacquer – Serious and Wholehearted Lacquer

Homemade lacquer from Tottori that is starting to reveal its true value The truth is that when I was in Saitama, this was not a lacquer that was easy to use. When I passed it to Professor Murose (living in Tokyo) and asked for his impressions, I was told “the first lacquer dries well, but … Continue reading True Value of Asai Lacquer – Serious and Wholehearted Lacquer

Work “Gold Lacuqer-Laden-Hexagonal-Kogo” “Drop”

A single crystal within a bracket inside a lid (work by Mansei Uehara). The work has been produced based on the theme of a crystal that resembles a drop, and the ripples and asssembled butterflies of light that spread out from there. We have created a modeled work that uses techniques and materials to represent … Continue reading Work “Gold Lacuqer-Laden-Hexagonal-Kogo” “Drop”

Product “Gozen-rokuji(6AM)” “Gogo-rokuji(6PM)”

“Premonition of beauty 2019 -∞directions -」
Two products in Gold-decorated Laden “Hiranatsume” ◆”Gozen-rokuji” This product was created with the image of a scene in which the soft light of morning stretches out before you. Items are differentiated by colors and as only a small amount of the required color can be used on eacah item, this … Continue reading Product “Gozen-rokuji(6AM)” “Gogo-rokuji(6PM)”