Tools to link to① Lacquer brush

The tools used in lacquer art are both beautiful and unique.
Currently, the tools for creating lacquer productions, and the production of lacquer materials is in a critical state.
There are no, or very few, successors, and there is the issue of aging among current proponents.
I would like to introduce you to the charm of lacquer-related tools and explain the current situation under the heading “Tools to link to”.
I would like to spread woed about lacquer art tools just a little more, and hope that some successors appear in the near future.
If I had another lifetime, I would learn the trade, but we only have one life.
My job is to use those tools and communicate to a large number of people the charm of lacquer.

Lacquer brush
The lacquer brush is unique.
It is unique because the brush section actually uses
Human hair
There are some made out particularly of female hair as well!

when the hair starts to decrease or become disjointed,
you can cut if off and keep using the brush.

The brush that was first long..

becomes shorter as you cut it.

Even when it is this short, you can continue to use it.
This kind of strage brush can surely only be found in Japan, right?

I am very pleased that
for the brush, there are

In Tokyo, there are the two brush stores of
“Seikichi” and “Tanaka Hake store”.
Both of them are curerently training with young
The female trainee in Tanaka Hake is currently publishing a production blog.
A link is included below.
Blog “Fox tool box”
We hope that you will take a chance to read the blog,
and feel a passion for brsh production and
tool creation1

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