Product “Gozen-rokuji(6AM)” “Gogo-rokuji(6PM)”

“Premonition of beauty 2019 -∞directions -」
Two products in Gold-decorated Laden “Hiranatsume”

This product was created with the image of a scene in which the soft light of morning stretches out before you.
Items are differentiated by colors and as only a small amount of the required color can be used on eacah item, this has been created with 100 or more small items items.
Everything is hand-made, and the representation of the light consistsof approximately 1000 hours of work.
This is a concept based on the concept of “The modeling of light”.

Time during which the light of the sun transforms into the man-made brightness of the town
The darkness of night and the geometrical contrast of light are depicted in subtle gradations.

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