Gold-lacquered Amber Jewelry Box “Time”

This can be said to be my “coming of age” work
The gold-lacquered amber jewelry box “Time”

I created this work when I was about 31 years of age and it won a prize at a Japanese traditional lacquer exhibition.

So the title is “Time”….、
I wanted to create a work that depicts light engraved in the memory and memory like a human heartbeat.
This box expresses light meeting in the middle moment by moment, the light of space, the heartbeat of human beings, and the image of light continuing endlessly from one initial departure point.

There is light that only hits our eyes after spending a long time in space, and the light we see has been on a journey of tens of thousands of years. By that time, the star that originally created that light may no longer exist.

Don’t you feel that this is a little strange?
Even if there is a time lag, the unit seems too big for us ot understand.
But there is definitely light at the central point of this time lag, and the scene that created this light still remains.

And then there is us who come to an end.
This is also a little strange.
Although the light source is no longer there, light remains and continues its journey.

Us living beings hold feelings we cannot decribe and thoughts we cannot express, but our lives are around 100 years at the longest.

Although this cannot be seen by anyone else, this is definitely a feeling that we have.

Light and thought do not have a shape
but they are definitely there.
But they disappear within time,
moment by moment.

No, they just appear to be disappearing.
If it were possible to give them a form, I thought
“Ah! I might be able to do that with lacquer” and
decided to create this.

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